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Public Speaking

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Sounding “professional” used to be a huge compliment and a hallmark of a high performer. In today’s world, however, we recognize that white supremacy is a huge contributing factor to the term “professional” in the workplace. There are better ways to be a good communicator without focusing on sounding professional.

Why Sounding “Professional” is Out

April Lokar standing at the end of a long table in a white blouse and black blazer.

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While introversion and lacking confidence are often used interchangeably, they are distinctly different.

Are you truly an introvert or do you just lack confidence?

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At first glance, my family looks pretty stereotypical: heterosexual white married couple with two kids and a dog. Our daughter dances, our son loves sports. I bake cakes for my kids’ birthday parties and my husband coaches the youth sports teams.

What the heck is semi-conventional?

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Think about your earliest memory of speaking in front of a group. I’ll wait…

Did you remember something from school? Maybe giving a book report or presenting at a science fair?

Why do I struggle with public speaking?

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The great thing about learning to be a better speaker and communicator is that we do it all the time, so there are infinite opportunities to try something new and improve.

There are 5 easy ways you can start to be a better speaker…today!

5 Tips to be a better speaker right now!