The podcast for feminist entrepreneurs who want to speak with confidence. Have you ever felt like you couldn't share your ideas with colleagues or your audience? If you're ready to make a greater impact and share your expertise with the world, you're in the right place!


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What are you doing in your life that you never expected? I’ll go first…

I Never Thought I’d Be Doing This

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I felt a massive shift and said out loud to myself, “after graduation, I never have to see any of these people ever again in my life!”

My High School Graduation Epiphany

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Have you been laid off? Or worried you might be in this economy? I’ve been laid off twice in my career (so far) and both situations were vastly different.

A Tale of Two Layoffs

April Lokar standing at the end of a long table in a white blouse and black blazer.

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At first glance, my family looks pretty stereotypical: heterosexual white married couple with two kids and a dog. Our daughter dances, our son loves sports. I bake cakes for my kids’ birthday parties and my husband coaches the youth sports teams.

What the heck is semi-conventional?

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Think about your earliest memory of speaking in front of a group. I’ll wait…

Did you remember something from school? Maybe giving a book report or presenting at a science fair?

Why do I struggle with public speaking?

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What can we learn from Karens?

While a Karen displays privilege and rude behavior, there is a lesson we can take away from their misplaced entitlement.

What can we learn from karens?