Spoken Image Strategy

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See value in focusing and elevating a specific area of expertise in their business

Aspire to be impactful speakers in their industry

Have upcoming speaking engagements or networking events

This service is perfect for entrepreneurs and professionals who

Who Is This For?

Transformation doesn’t stop at the end of the call. You’ll receive two weeks of unlimited audio messaging support (via Voxer or Messenger), giving you direct guidance as you refine and implement your strategy. Whether you have questions, need feedback, or want to bounce around ideas, I’m here to support you seamlessly.

Ongoing Support

Your transformation begins with a one-on-one strategy call where we get clear on your goals. We'll explore your current approach and align on the spoken image pillars that will streamline your talking points, ensuring every word you speak drives your vision forward.

Personalized Strategy Call

Your spoken image is more than just the words you say; it's how you connect with your audience, convey your expertise, and leave a lasting impression. This offer isn’t just about refining your speaking skills; it’s about aligning your message with your mission to create meaningful impact.

Why Spoken Image Strategy?

Ready to Speak with Purpose and Passion?

Book your Spoken Image Strategy session today and start your journey towards becoming a more focused, influential speaker who commands the room and resonates with your audience.

- Joi Smith, People Principles

Working with April could not have come at a better time! As an entrepreneur, I needed to revamp my personal introduction from that of a practitioner to a business owner. I am a passionate professional and could talk about my work at nauseum. April was able to help me focus on my key value drivers and speak a language that my future clients and connections would resonate with. The process was fun and informative! Thank you, April!

- Laura Dionisio, Lead Intact LLC

As an up and coming solopreneur, I really needed help honing how I introduced myself and my business in a way that felt natural to me. Working with April felt more like having a conversation over coffee and took the pressure off needing to come up with the "perfect" pitch. We ended with a simple, impactful introduction I could use. For anyone who is struggling to introduce themselves in a concise and meaningful way with ease, I highly recommend working with April! 

- P. Nguyen

April is not someone who is pleased with the bare minimum but pushes for the best results. On top of all of this, she is a very pleasant person to work with and an extremely caring and understanding person. I would easily take the opportunity to work with her again.