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Her Spoken Image

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Storytelling helps you communicate more effectively. Having a bank of stories to pull from makes storytelling even easier. Listen to today’s episode to learn my process for documenting over 30 stories using story prompts.

How I Documented Over 30 Stories Using Story Prompts [Episode 47]

story prompts

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Hey, friend! Today we are diving into sharing relatable stories, including practices for finding these types of stories.

My 6 Step Process for Identifying and Sharing Relatable Stories with Your Audience [Episode 46]

relatable stories

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Hey, friend! Today, I’m answering a few frequently asked questions I receive about sharing personal stories and storytelling.

5 FAQs About Sharing Personal Stories and Storytelling [Episode 45]

personal stories

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Hey, friend! In today’s episode, I chat with health and wellness advocate Adia Callahan about what health and wellness actually mean and more!

The Realities of Wellness and Building a Business with Health and Wellness Advocate Adia Callahan [Episode 44]

health and wellness advocate

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Hey, friend! Are you tired of not truly leveraging storytelling in business? Are you stuck on what stories to share and when to share them? I’m diving into this and more in today’s episode.

Why Storytelling in Business isn’t Working for You and 3 Strategies to Help You Fix It [Episode 43]

storytelling in business

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Today, we are diving into more lessons we can learn from scammers. One thing about scammers is that they are effective communicators. In this episode, I’m breaking down three lessons you can learn from scammers about improving communication skills.

3 Lessons from Scammers on Improving Communication Skills [Episode 42]

improving communication skills

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Hey, friend! Today, we are taking a page out of the scammer’s book and learning all about clear messaging. In this episode, I’m breaking down three powerful lessons from scammers about the importance of having clear messaging and effective communication.

3 Lessons You Can Learn from Scammers About Clear Messaging [Episode 41]

clear messaging

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Communicating assertively is an important skill to have both in your personal and professional lives. Not sure where to begin? In today’s episode I share three phrases to help you stand your ground gracefully.

Communicating Assertively: How to Use Your Spoken Image to Gracefully Stand Your Ground [Episode 40]

communicating assertively

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In today’s episode, I’m breaking down three lessons you can learn from Beyonce and Taylor Swift on how to reach your target audience.

3 Lessons from Beyonce & Taylor Swift on How to Reach Your Target Audience [Episode 39]

how to reach your target audience

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Hey, friend! In today’s episode, I chat with the “Team Whisperer,” Lia Garvin, about strategies for effective team management. Lia shares such great insight in how to foster effective team management whether you’re a leader in corporate or a small business owner.

How to Simplify and Improve Communication for Effective Team Management with Lia Garvin [Episode 38]

effective team management